5 Easy To Use SEO Tips

SEO Tips

Publish News

Does your website have a news page? How about a blog? If so, update as often as possible – ideally, every day. If not, create one. You can add a news box on your site’s main page, or you can make a page specifically for your blog or updates.

Update Old Pages

Make sure all the information on your website is current. Even if it is, include a small update on every page. Even rewording a paragraph or adding a photo will make a big difference, since your page will be updated more recently. Do this every few days from now on. If you haven’t updated a page in a year and only update once, it will not affect your Freshness Factor as much as if you update every two days or more.

Add New Pages

SEO experts recommend that 20-30% of your website should be new every year. Adding new pages and removing old pages will improve your SEO rating, and it will also improve your website overall. Visitors coming back to your site will get the impression that you are constantly growing.

Engage Your Visitors Immediately

Freshness and staleness are also measured by how long visitors spend on a given page. If the amount of time spent on a given page is low or decreases over time, it can be a red flag that your page is losing some freshness. If people spend a lot of time on your page, it means that you have engaging content. You shouldn’t add extra content just to keep people reading – just make sure your content is always changing and always interesting.

Include Trending News

Whenever it is relevant, post about trending topics. That will show that you are keeping track of current events and it will also increase the likelihood of your site coming up in keyword searches about those trending topics. Website owners have reported seeing their sites 5 spots higher in search results after working to keep their Freshness Factor high. You should be updating your website often regardless of your SEO goals, so here’s just one more reason to keep you motivated.

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